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What it is...

A custom application is what you need when your idea can't be put in a box. You are looking to build something revolutionary and new to the world, and you can't be dissuaded. 

At Blend88, we are software developers at heart and, while we are constantly developing our own projects, we really like to collaborate with teams and projects whose potential cannot be denied. We bring a constructive, consultative approach to business model analysis, product planning, software development and deployment strategy, with a focus on bringing the leanest, meanest version of your product to market.


Our Focus

We focus on building products within the following three specialties:

Web Services

Web services control the flow of data behind the application, enabling the connectedness between individual devices and applicationsd, and allowing you to access your personal account from any device.

Components of web services include database design, server-side programming, access control, security, notifications, and personalization.

Tech jargon we use includes REST-ful services, APIs, JSON, test-driven development, Node.js, PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Python, Django, MySQL, MongoDB.

Front-End Web Applications

Whenever you are using your web browser to access the Internet, you are visiting front-end web applications; however, not all are created equal. We employ modern practices to create enjoyable, intuitive, high-performance experiences. 

Components of front-end web applications include user interfaces, usability, visualization, presentation. 

Tech jargon we use includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, MVC, AJAX, WebSockets, BackboneJS, Bootstrap, Google APIs.

Mobile Applications

If you have used a smartphone or tablet, you have experienced the power of the mobile application. Mobile devices and tablets currently outsell desktop and laptop computers by nearly 10x [1] and engagement levels are steadily increasing [2].

Components of mobile applications include user experience, gamification, integration. 

Tech jargon we use includes iOS, Android.



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